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Hi! My name is Ángeles Carranza. As a business owner, I can relate to how difficult it is to build a business from scratch. 

Building your own startup is hard enough on its own, and when you do not have an organized space for work, everything becomes so much more challenging:

  • Lack of communication and collaboration
  • Difficulty in sharing information
  • Inefficient processes
  • Tasks get lost in the way

And it gets even worse as you start growing and scaling.

This is why it is important that you invest in the right technology and leverage my Notion consulting knowledge for a successful implementation.

    Ángeles Carranza - Notion Consultant

    Notion boosted my business, and I believe it can save your too!

    I have 2+ years of experience consulting startups and building the perfect Notion workspaces that suit their needs. I guarantee that with my advice you’ll notice a difference in your startups. You’ll feel more in control of the information and keep on top of all the projects so you can focus on what is truly important: making your business grow!

    Notion Consulting Verticals

    Startups - Notion consulting

    Startups & Small Businesses

    Manage your team and your business,  simplify processes and communication.

    Solopreneurs and Side Hustlers

    Centralize all sides of your businesses in a single app and save time.

    Solopreneur - Notion consulting
    Personal - Notion consulting

    Personal use

    A special treatment for those that want to manage their life with Notion.

    Happy Clients

    "We had a challenging project with multiple linked databases to solve, which is why we turned to Angeles. After a short briefing, she immediately understood the context and proposed solutions on the fly. We very quickly had a good feeling and felt understood. Within a week Angeles delivered and we could immediately use the database productively. Anytime again!"
    "Both the fullfillment and the after service regarding my open questions was excellent. I had heard many great things about notion. After my first own attempts I got frustrated about failig to set it up. Therefore I contacted Angeles. I shortly presented my wishes and she brought them all quick and clean into existence. My full recommendation."
    "I am blown away by how amazing Ángeles' work is! She totally committed to delivering the best results possible, and she is super friendly and easy to communicate with. I can't recommend her services enough!"
    "Una muy buena profesional proactiva, que te escucha y atiende tus necesidades proponiendo soluciones más allá de tus peticiones para que el resultado sea mucho más adaptado y eficiente."

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